15 Best Dollar Store Crafts

Hitting the dollar store doesn’t have to mean sacrificing creativity! With a little imagination and some clever finds, you can transform budget-friendly items into amazing DIY projects. Here are 15 inspiring dollar store craft ideas to get you started:

For the Home:

  1. Mason Jar Luminaries: Fill mason jars with fairy lights, glitter, or pebbles for a whimsical touch. Hang them around your home or use them as centerpieces.

  2. DIY Coasters: Decorate cork squares with fabric scraps, paint, or decoupage paper for unique and personalized coasters.

  3. Tiered Trayscape: Create a miniature landscape on a tiered tray using faux plants, moss, and small figurines.

  4. Yarn Wall Hanging: Wrap yarn around cardboard cutouts to create a colorful and textured wall hanging.

  5. Dollar Store Canvas Art: Transform plain canvases with acrylic paint, stencils, or fabric scraps for personalized artwork.

For the Holidays:

  1. Gift Wrap Station: Stock up on colorful tissue paper, ribbons, and gift tags for a festive gift-wrapping station. Add twine, bells, or mini ornaments for extra flair.
  2. DIY Advent Calendar: Repurpose small boxes, paper bags, or ornaments to create a unique advent calendar filled with treats or small gifts.
  3. Fall Wreath: Use colorful felt leaves, pinecones, and cinnamon sticks to create a festive autumn wreath.
  4. Spooky Lanterns: Decorate mason jars with spooky faces or silhouettes using paint, markers, or construction paper for a Halloween touch.
  5. Festive Placemats: Cut felt or fabric into placemat shapes and decorate them with seasonal motifs for a festive tablescape.

For Fun & Creativity:

  1. Jewelry Making: Find colorful beads, chains, and clasps to create unique and affordable necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.
  2. DIY Bird Feeders: Upcycle plastic bottles or tin cans into bird feeders by adding perches and filling them with birdseed.
  3. Decorative Magnets: Paint or decorate wooden clothespins or small tiles and add magnets to create unique refrigerator magnets.
  4. DIY Photo Frame: Decorate a plain picture frame with paint, glitter, or embellishments to showcase your favorite memories.


  • Think outside the box! Don’t be afraid to experiment and combine different items to create something unique.
  • Utilize spray paint or acrylic paint to transform plain items into colorful accents.
  • Get inspired by online tutorials and Pinterest boards for endless craft ideas.
  • Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the creative process!

With a little creativity and a trip to your local dollar store, you can unleash your inner artist and craft beautiful and budget-friendly decorations, gifts, and more!