30 Easy St Patricks Day Crafts


St Patricks Day crafts are an excellent way to teach your child about the meaning of St. Patrick’s Day and how to celebrate it properly!

From St. Patrick’s Day to Valentine’s Day, the holiday season is packed with celebrations that bring families and friends together. The holidays offer the perfect opportunity to gather around a table for good food and great company, so why not make the experience even more memorable by adding a handmade touch?

St. Patrick’s Day is a perfect opportunity to get crafty, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter, there are plenty of St Patricks Day crafts to try.

Whether you want to make decorations for your home or gifts for your friends, there are all sorts of festive ideas that can help you have fun while celebrating this holiday.

To help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve provided a list of fun st patricks day crafts that will entertain your children while helping them learn about this holiday.

St Patricks Day Crafts

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30. St. Patrick’s Day Garland

29. St. Patrick’s Day Gnomes

28. Leprechaun Hat

27. St. Patrick’s Banner

26. St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Mask 

25. St. Patrick’s Day Pot of Gold

24. Paper Plate Leprechaun Hat

23. Marbled Shamrock Art 

22. Paper Cup St Patrick’s Day Windsock

21. Clay Pot Leprechaun Hats

20. St Patricks Day Gnome

19. Leprechaun Gnome

18. St. Patrick’s Day Calming Bottle

17. Rainbow Wreath

16. Farmhouse Shamrock Garland

15. St Patricks Day Rock Painting

14. Leprechaun Hat

13. Pot of Gold Craft 

12. Leprechaun Craft with a Fork Print Beard

11. DIY Wood Shamrock

10. St. Patrick’s Day Art

9. Leprechaun Hat Trap

8. Beaded Shamrocks

7. Shamrock Suncatcher

6. Paper Shamrock

5. Fruit Loop Marshmallow Rainbows

4. Puffy Paint Leprechaun Craft

3. Sparkly Shamrock Wand

2. Paper Four Leaf Clovers

1. St. Patrick’s Day Burlap Banner

As you can see, crafting is so much fun and good for the spirit. I hope that you enjoyed these St Patricks Day craft ideas, and will try them out with your family. If you have any other crafts that you love to do, please share them in the comments! Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!

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