19 Fun Spring Activities For Toddlers

Spring brings with it warmer weather, blooming flowers, and endless opportunities for fun with your toddler! Here are 19 exciting activities to embrace the season and create lasting memories:

Outdoor Adventures:

  1. Sensory Stroll: Take a walk in nature and encourage your toddler to explore different textures like soft grass, crunchy leaves, and smooth rocks. Talk about the sights and sounds of spring.
  2. Bubble Bonanza: Blow bubbles and chase them together. Experiment with different bubble solutions and wands for added fun.
  3. Muddy Mayhem: (With adult supervision, of course!) Let your toddler splash in puddles or dig in mud. Provide them with safe containers and tools for scooping and pouring.
  4. Picnic in the Park: Pack a simple lunch and head to a local park for a fun outdoor meal. Spread a blanket, play with toys, and soak up the sunshine.
  5. Flower Power: Plant seeds or seedlings in a small pot or garden together. Watch them grow and learn about the magic of nature.

Creative Explorations:

  1. Fingerprint Fun: Paint your toddler’s fingertip and let them stamp colorful flowers, butterflies, or ladybugs on paper.
  2. Nature Collage: Collect leaves, flowers, and other natural materials on your walks. Glue them onto cardboard or canvas to create a beautiful and unique collage.
  3. Playdough Pals: Make homemade playdough in spring colors and let your toddler mold it into shapes like flowers, animals, or even their own name.
  4. Sensory Bin: Fill a bin with dry beans, rice, or pasta and hide small toys or objects inside. Let your toddler dig, scoop, and discover the hidden treasures.
  5. Finger Painting Fun: Set up a safe painting area with washable paints and let your toddler explore their creativity with their hands and fingers.

Active Play:

  1. Water Games: Fill a shallow bin with water and let your toddler splash with toys, cups, and sponges. Supervise closely to ensure safety.
  2. Dance Party: Put on some upbeat music and have a family dance party. Encourage silly moves and laughter.
  3. Obstacle Course: Create a simple obstacle course in your living room or backyard using pillows, blankets, and chairs. Time each other and have fun!
  4. Ball Pit Fun: Fill a kiddie pool or large container with colorful plastic balls and let your toddler crawl, climb, and throw.
  5. Puppet Show: Make simple sock puppets or finger puppets and put on a show for your toddler. Get creative with the story and characters!

Learning Through Play:

  1. Seed Sorting: Gather different types of seeds and let your toddler sort them by color, size, or shape. Talk about what they plant and grow into.
  2. Color Matching: Hide colored objects around the house and have your toddler find them and match them to colored cards. This helps with color recognition and sorting skills.
  3. Nature Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of spring-themed items like flowers, leaves, or insects and have your toddler search for them outdoors. This encourages exploration and observation skills.
  4. Story Time: Read books about spring, animals, or nature together. Discuss the pictures and ask questions to engage your toddler’s imagination.


  • Supervise your toddler closely during all activities.
  • Adapt the activities to your toddler’s age and abilities.
  • Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the beautiful spring season together!

With these 19 fun and engaging ideas, you can create lasting memories and celebrate the magic of spring with your little explorer!