15 Mother’s Day Decorations Ideas

Celebrate mom this year with personalized decorations that go beyond the store-bought shelf. Here are 15 creative mother’s day decor ideas to fill your home with love and appreciation:

Handmade Touches:

  1. Hand-painted Photo Frame: Decorate a plain picture frame with her favorite colors, flowers, or a heartfelt message. Add a cherished photo of you two for a personalized touch.
  2. Fingerprint Heart Canvas: Create a unique artwork by dipping your thumbs in different colored paints and stamping them onto a canvas to form a heart shape. Write a loving message alongside it.
  3. Memory Jar: Fill a mason jar with small notes or tickets listing things you love and appreciate about her. Decorate the jar with ribbons, flowers, or paint for a heartfelt keepsake.
  4. DIY Fabric Garland: Cut fabric scraps into hearts, flowers, or other shapes and string them together to create a colorful and personalized garland. Hang it across doorways, windows, or the mantelpiece.
  5. Chalkboard Message Board: Paint a small chalkboard or use a decorative frame with chalkboard paint. Write a loving message, draw a picture, or leave space for her to add her own memories.

Blooming Beauty:

  1. Planted Herb Garden: Create a small herb garden with her favorite herbs in terracotta pots or a window box. Decorate the pots with paint, ribbons, or personalized messages.
  2. Pressed Flower Bouquet: Collect and press wildflowers or her favorite blooms. Arrange them in a picture frame or shadowbox for a sentimental and lasting gift.
  3. Paper Flower Bouquet: Create vibrant and colorful paper flowers using construction paper, crepe paper, or origami techniques. Arrange them in a vase for a unique and handmade bouquet.
  4. Living Succulent Wreath: Make a beautiful and long-lasting wreath using glued succulents on a foam wreath base. Decorate with ribbons or small figurines for a personalized touch.
  5. Floral Centerpiece: Arrange her favorite flowers or spring blooms in a decorative vase or basket. Add candles, greenery, or small figurines for a centerpiece that brightens her day.

Cozy Touches:

  1. Hand-knitted Throw Blanket: If you’re crafty, knit or crochet a warm and cozy throw blanket in her favorite colors or with a special stitch pattern.

  2. DIY Scented Candles: Make her favorite scents come alive by creating homemade candles using essential oils and natural waxes. Decorate the jars with ribbons or twine for a personal touch.

  3. Embroidered Tea Towels: Embroider tea towels with her initials, a quote she loves, or a simple floral design. This practical gift adds a touch of personalization to her kitchen.

  4. Memory Jar for Relaxing Moments: Fill a jar with bath salts, essential oils, bath bombs, or other self-care items she enjoys. Add a tag with a message encouraging her to take some time for herself.

  5. Personalized Photo Collage: Create a collage of photos capturing special moments you’ve shared together. You can use a digital frame, a corkboard, or even a decorated shoebox.


  • The most important element is to personalize it! Choose ideas that reflect her interests, hobbies, and favorite colors.
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative and add your own unique touches.
  • Wrap your creations beautifully, even if it’s with simple brown paper and twine, for an extra special touch.

By putting your heart and effort into these homemade decorations, you can create a truly memorable Mother’s Day celebration that shows mom just how much you care.