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This has been a popular blog article, and I’m excited to be able to share some modern table lamps with you. These modern table lamps are perfect for the living room and bedroom.

You know sometimes it gets frustrating with finding the right table light for your environment. There are so many alternatives available that making a decision might be difficult.

Lamps are an item in which you can make an investment. Lamps are one of those elements that will almost certainly not alter when it comes to changing up your design periodically. Don’t be scared to pay a little extra if you discover a light you like.

There are lots of modern table lamps ideas, make sure to go through all of them.

Bathroom Light Fixtures 

Brass Pendant Lighting

Living Room Wall Sconces

Table Lamp Buying Guide:

  • Consider the size of your space before choosing a table lamp. You don’t want your light to be too big or too small in your room.
  • Your lampshade should never cover more than half of the surface it is on. Generally speaking, your lampshade should not be larger than the table on which it is placed.
  • Just a tip, as I’m not prefessional but try to find a lamp which has a height of 48″-64″ (lamp+ shade height combined).
  • Make sure to place the lamp at the perfect height for example if you are placing it on an side table then make sure it doesn’t shine directly into your eye when you’re on sofa.

Affordable Modern Table Lamps

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Modern Table Lamps Under 100 $

Modern Table Lamps Under 150 $

Modern Table Lamps Under 300 $

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