Cheap Backyard Wedding

This post provides some tips on how to have a backyard wedding on a budget. By utilizing some creative backyard wedding ideas, you can have a beautiful wedding without spending a lot of money. If you are looking for some cheap backyard wedding ideas, this is the article for you.

When most people think about weddings, they imagine a large, lavish event complete with all the bells and whistles.

While this can certainly be the case, there’s also something to be said for having a backyard wedding. Not only is it considerably more affordable, but it can also be more intimate and personal.

If you’re thinking of having a backyard wedding, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Backyard Wedding

Backyard Wedding

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1. Make Homemade Floral Arrangements

Small vases made from jam or jelly jars are ideal for table settings. Use various-colored blossoms to create a full bouquet.

Not only is it environmentally friendly to use recycled jars, but it also has a beautiful and elegant appeal. Jars of all colors, sizes, and types of glass can be used; the older the jar, the better!

2. Decorating Aisle with Garden Greenery

A beautifully adorned aisle not only indicates the spot where the bride will walk, but it also looks stunning. Steal this simple idea for hanging a green garland down the aisle.

They’re incredibly beautiful and offer the perfect finishing touch to an outdoor summer wedding, especially if the same garlands are wrapped around the altar.

3. Use Lanterns at the Wedding Entrance

Several lanterns of various sizes should be displayed at the wedding’s entrance. These are not only lovely and rustic in appearance, but they are also functional.

At an outdoor wedding, you can also use them to light the way for guests to their seats. Combine them with a wooden sign for a lovely, magazine-worthy display.

4. DIY Wedding Sign

With a homemade sign and a crazy-cute country display, guests will know they’ve arrived at the correct location.

A rake stands alongside to finish off the display. Everything about it is country, which adds to its appeal – and sunflowers in metal cans look fantastic!

5. Fairytale Floral Arch

You’re on a budget, and you’re short on time, so don’t worry about creating a masterpiece arch.

Simple construction with a few wooden beams is all that is required. You can decorate it to make it appear fantastic.

All you’ll need are some floral garlands and larger artificial flower bouquets.

Chech this wooden arch on amazon.

6. Using Metal Buckets/Cans

Why not stick with the concept and use metal buckets/cans instead of costly flowerpots for a rustic or farmhouse wedding?

Nothing says shabby chic like a metal bucket filled to the brim with wildflowers.

When choosing blooms for the buckets, make sure to keep the wedding colors in mind. You could also wrap a wide burlap ribbon around the bucket, like this, for a charming and rustic finishing touch.

By utilizing your backyard space, you can create a beautiful, intimate backyard wedding that is perfect for you and your guests. Let me know in the comments, was this article helpful for you?

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Backyard Wedding
Backyard Wedding

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